Free data visualization tools

Data visualization is the process by which spatial, tabular, or any form of data is conveyed in visual form. This aids the easy capture of information and ideas from the data to make better decisions and drive action. Data visualization is a crucial aspect of data analysis and companies all over the world use data visualization to identify patterns and predict outcomes that can increase their returns.

Data visualization is done using various tools, and here are some free tools that are also open source:


Charted is a visualization tool with which users can create bar charts and line graphs with Google Spreadsheets. The tool features also work with CSV files and features integrated components such as UpSet component, LineUp component, GeoJS geospatial visualizations etc. Charted is an entirely visualization-based tool and does not manipulate or store data.


Candela is an open source data visualization tool that runs on JavaScript. The tool makes scalable visualizations with a normalized API for applications in real-world data science


Datawrapper is a data visualization tool that allows the user to create reports and charts in very short periods (a few seconds). The tool allows up to 10,000 chart views monthly. The visualizations that can be created with Datawrapper include bar charts, stacked charts, split charts, arrow plots, dot plots, scatter plots, choropleth maps, and symbol maps. Datawrapper is mobile-friendly.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is the data visualization of Google that easily connects with other Google platforms such as Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and YouTube Analytics. It turns the data from these sources into informative displays (dashboarding) and reports that can be read, shared, and customized.


The leaflet is a data visualization tool that runs on JavaScript and allows the user to create interactive maps that are mobile-friendly. Leaflet features add-in plugins and works on mobile and desktop platforms.


MyHeatMap is a geographical data visualization tool that offers public maps and allows the user to add 20 data points on the public maps. MyHeatMap makes the understanding of heat maps easy by using color codes.


Openheatmap is a data visualization tool that allows users to turn spreadsheets into maps. The tool uses uploaded Google sheets or CSV files to create interactive online maps in seconds. An application is in the area of visualizing customer demographic by zip codes.


Palladio is a visualization tool for complex historical data. The tool has features like graph view, map view, gallery view, and list view. CSV, TSV, and TAB data can be visualized using Palladio.


RawGraphs is a visualization tool that enables users to visualize CSV, DSV, TSV, and JSON data. It presents the data as charts.

Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a business data visualization which users can create interactive graphs, charts, maps, and apps with. The tools can be connected to data sources like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheet, Text files, Spatial files, JSON files, statistical files, and Web Data Connectors.


A timeline is a visualization tool that allows users to create timelines from reports. The tool can be connected to Google Drive and can use Google Spreadsheet documents to create timelines.


Plotly is a visualization tool that allows users to create charts and maps when they upload CSV files or connect a SQL database to it.


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