Data visualization jobs

Data Visualisation: Our Window To The World of Business Intelligence

Data visualization jobs

The modern age presents a powerful way of showing various data that can be easily understood. This sizeable information can be interpreted conveniently through the interdependence of variable quantities, patterns, and progression. Data visualization uses software and tools to communicate this information visually thru diagrams, graphs, charts, and infographics. This technique has proven useful in getting information across clients and in their own company. This, however, is only one aspect of a data visualization specialist/ analyst/ scientist job.

Data virtualization is similar to data visualization. It creates processes that allows immediate access to data while enabling retrieval without the need for any technical information. Devices make this possible by storage capacities separated from physical hardware.

What are the responsibilities of data visualization specialists?

What are the responsibilities of data visualization specialists

  1. Transform complex information or date into versions that are immediately usable and accessible to users.
  2. Tailor fit data by integrating and converting it to information that fit the requirements of the business.
  3. Data federation/ finding a way to combine data coming from different sources.
  4. Presenting data easily that appeals to users

Who are the clients of data visualization specialists?

Who are the clients of data visualization specialists

  1. Banks
  2. Software specialists developers/ companies
  3. Firms doing consultancy services
  4. Companies specializing in telecommunications
  5. Organizations in the public sector
  6. Specialists in social media

What are the required qualifications/ training required to be a data visualization specialist?

What are the required qualifications/ training required to be a data visualization specialist

  1. Degree in courses that develop skills in the analysis as well as expertise in statistics, maths, and computer science.
  2. Expertise in Microsoft Excel
  3. Masters degree
  4. Tables certification

There are limited advertised visualization specialist posts. The role is often integrated with the data specialist or data analyst roles.

You could also consider exploring postgraduate degrees in data visualization:

What are the important skill sets needed to be a good data visualization specialist?

What are the important skill sets needed to be a good data visualization specialist?

  1. Impeccable analytical skills
  2. Capacity to envision solutions and manage huge amounts of data and information
  3. Adept in working with different data, figures, and facts
  4. Excellent communication skills in both written and oral forms
  5. Ability to maximize usable information (such as facts, figures, and trends) to yield to comprehensive conclusions as based on investigations and findings.
  6. Keen attention to details
  7. Excellent skills in data visualization such as the ability to create appealing reports, informative information and creative dashboards
  8. Ability to produce and organize documentation as part of user requirements
  9. Ability to collaborate and produce results with technical and non-technical partnerships
  10. Fast learner
  11. Ability to build lasting partnerships in competitive business environments
  12. Ability to work with different customers, collect requirements, and produce valuable insights on data collected

How important is data visualization?

How important is data visualization

Data visualization has proven its importance in business intelligence (BI). Tables and Qlik have lead BI culture and encouraged other vendors to use a more visual way in developing their software. Consequently, BI software has embraced all data visualization advantage and service.

The ability to make useable data available and accessible to users in any industry has been made possible by data visualization. Democratizing data has made information easily understood and used in operations rather than traditional statistical data or earlier versions. Modern BI software has therefore encouraged the use of data specialized in visualization without the need for IT support.

Businesses also use data visualization software in getting on overview of massive data trends over years.


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